Team Survey

Have you ever wanted to find out if your team members really understand your business goals and direction? How your supervisors and managers are perceived? What they feel about their current jobs and their opportunities for growth? What issues that they consider are important to the overall health of your business?

If yes, then a Business Clarity Team Survey will provide these (and many more) crucial insights.


The Business Clarity Team Survey gathers input from the individual team members via in depth questioning conducted at one on one interviews with each team member. Critical to the success of the survey is frank and honest feedback. Team members are likely to provide this only when their confidentiality is assured. Business Clarity, being an outside organisation, provides that confidentiality, and takes careful steps to ensure it. (For example: As far as possible details of responses that identify individuals will be edited without adversely impacting the response.)

Questions are selected and developed in full consultation with the business owner.

Typically questions cover such areas as:

  • Leadership
  • Training
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Professional and Career Development Opportunities within the Organisation
  • Level of Organisation
  • Company Procedures and Organisational Structure
  • Office Accommodation Issues
  • Personal Issues


The results of the Business Clarity Team Survey are provided to the business as a detailed written report. Due to small team sizes in SMEs typically quantitive analysis of responses are invalid. The focus is therefore on providing qualitative format with a overview of all the responses to each question and a list of recommendations arising from the responses.

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