Sales Results

Sales Results
Sales Results

Sales results are critical to business success.

If you don’t have customers who are prepared to pay for your products/services then you simply don’t have a viable business – yes, even those “dotcom” companies eventually have to generate revenue.

Yet few business owners spend time and effort improving the effectiveness of their sales team whther that team consists of one person – the owner – or several people. And yet it costs no more for a sales person to conduct an effective sales meeting with a customer than it does to have an ineffective meeting

The best way to increase effectiveness of your sales team is via appropriate training.

Now businesses come in all shapes and sizes: From retail outlets offering specific products for the general public at a shop counter; to tradespeople quoting projects worth thousands or tens of thousands for domestic and business clients; to those providing high value assets/services that may be worth hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars for corporations.

For this reason Business Clarity offers a number of sales training modules to suit a business’ needs. Sales training that covers a very wide range of topics including: effective prospecting; relationship building; sales scripting; cross-selling and add-on selling; presentations; proposal development; sales strategy; negotiation; and understanding corporate power structures; to name just a few.

We cover all these, and much, much, more on sales in our Business Clarity coaching and training programs.

At this point we’re aiming to give you just a sample of on specific part. One common to all businesses – how to make a great 1st impression for incoming callers. Having a consistent, engaging and high quality inbound phone script that will engage your callers may add $’000’s of dollars to your bottom line… all for the 10 seconds that it takes to answer the phone correctly. That’s a great ROI.

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