One to One Coaching

One to One Coaching and Mentoring
One to One Coaching and Mentoring

We tailor our 1-2-1 coaching program to your requirements but in all of these programs we aim to cover all of the following areas;

The Business Clarity Programs

Having completed the Clarity Consultation there are four different Program Levels so you may choose what is most appropriate for you and your business.

In each of the Programs we address issues that are key to the success of your business including:

  • Passion, Vision and Strategic Planning: the vision that you have for your business; your strategic focus and your company goals.
  • Your Exit & succession plan: ensuring that you start with the end in mind.
  • Financial management and measuring financial return: a critical element in controlling your business.
  • Systemisation: this is a critical area of building a sustainable business we will cover all aspects of your business and assist you in building a sustainable business.
  • Team selection & development: how to select employees and how to build a great team that works for your business.
  • Leadership & development: improving your leadership and your ability to inspire your team.
  • Marketing & advertising: understanding how to apply a wide variety of marketing tools and activities to increase your business based on sound principles and rigorous testing and measuring.
  • Sales & sales management: the sales skills and strategies that are most relevant to your business.
  • Delivery & execution: how your business delivers products and services to your customers with systematic consistency. It not about doing the extraordinary – it’s about doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.
  • Accountability & execution: holding you and your business accountable for making it happen.
  • Personal growth: you are the key to the success of your business. We push you to grow and develop the skills and attitudes that will give you the best chance to survive and thrive in business.

We work together with you to select and implement the most appropriate from Business Clarity’s extensive range of business building strategies and methods. We review and provide feedback as these are implemented in your business.

The four Program Levels are designed to recognise the requirements of different businesses and their capability to implement strategies and take on new challenges.

Level 1 – Starting off in the right direction
Level 2 – Building a real business
Level 3 – Building a substantial business
Level 4 – Building a powerhouse business

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