Group Coaching

Group coaching session
Group coaching session

Quite often sole traders and independent business owners find that being in business can be a little lonely. We offer a coaching program that is tailored to help you get the most out of your business and have fun doing it.

So after thinking about it and completing the BIT, you would like to get an idea of what is next…

If you like working as part of a team this could be the way for you…

Basically we set up a mastermind group that works together to help each other improve their business. We facilitate and draw out the ideas but we work to a structured process that we have developed over the years…


  • We offer an industry based Cluster Coaching Model that we have built over the years and focussed on your business type / Industry or
  • We offer a geographically based Cluster Coaching that we tailor to your requirements
    • Group Mentoring – non industry specific
    • Turning point – This is a focused and committed program that completes 14 X 3 hour workshops over 120 days or 4 months.

You will be introduced to tools that will help you to develop a business building tool box that will provide you with the knowledge, skills and focus to build your business.

101.1 The Plan – Develop 120 day plan to get your business on track Business toolbox
102.1 Time – Your most valuable asset
103.1 Delivery – Delivering consistency
104.1 Money – Building your business and building your cash flow
105.1 Sales – {tip WIIFM::What’s IIFor Me}WIIFM{/tip}, understand your customers and understanding your process
106.1  Leadership – how to attract and keep the right team, this is what all business needs
104.2 Accounting for Non-Accountants – Struggling with the numbers in a competitive environment, this workshop will unlock the intricacies of Budgeting, the P&L and the balance sheet.
104.3 Benchmarking the business – how are you performing against your competitors and your peers, this 3 hour consultation can save you and make you BIG $$$$$
103.2 Systemising Your Business – A must is you want your business to work for you.
105.2 Complex selling – if you make high dollar sales or relationship based sales this workshop is essential.
106.2 {tip DiSC::Dominant, Influencer, Compliant, Steady}DiSC{/tip} – Need to work with a variety of people, this workshop is essential in building an understanding of you and an appreciation of others.
103.3 Project Management – this work shop provides an appreciation and a guide to the mystery of project planning.
103.4 Strategic Planning – this is an ad hoc program that can help you develop strategic plan for your business.
104.1 Graduation – Leverage the game of Business – this is your graduation night and is a night of fun where you are presented with your certificate and we have a great night.

And we play the board game Leverage that brings it all together

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