Financial Control


Financial control is critical to business success.

Not knowing the numbers for your business is like playing cricket without knowing the score.

Imagine this scene:

“Captain, how many runs have we got?”

“Well, you and I got some. Fred did ok. Joe didn’t score much. Not really sure…”

“How many wickets have we still have in hand?”

“Um…we’ve lost you and me, Fred, Joe. Harry?….oh, there are some…”

Not a very effective way to run a cricket team, is it? And, just like cricket team, it’s very difficult to run a business without knowing the relevant scores.


Financial control for business covers a range of topics including: understanding financial reports (P&L, Balance Sheets, budgeting); managing cash flow; managing the cash gap; collecting outstanding debts; credit controls; raising finances; depreciating assets, break even point; ratio analysis. We cover all these, and much more on financial management, under our Business Clarity coaching and training programs.

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