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Are you running the Australian office of a global multinational corporation?


We know it can be a tough assignment. In working with clients in this position we have seen problems arise from situations such as:

  • Head office often lacks knowledge or understanding of the Australian business culture
  • Head office often lacks knowledge or understanding of the Australian business environment
  • Poor communications often exists between Head Office and the Australian office – this is obviously problematic if the home language is Japanese or French or German (for example) but it can still represent a challenge even when the Head Office is located in the United States or United Kingdom.
  • The Australian office might represent a small percentage of global revenues, so Head Office can appear to lose sight of the local operation – until things go wrong…
  • The Head Office corporate strategy often totally ignores – or misreads – the local market and the influences on it. Strategies and targets can be set without any understanding of the business conditions.
  • The Head Office will often assume that all customers are the same, worldwide and find it difficult to grasp that Australian customers might have different requirements, priorities or perceptions.
  • The politics of the Head office are unfathomable, and just serve to stymie every strategy that the local office attempts to roll out.


So how can Business Clarity Executive Coaching help?


The Business Clarity principals have extensive experience working at senior levels – successfully – with and within offshore head office businesses. We’ve all cut our professional teeth in that environment, over many decades.


We know how important it is to establish real mutual respect between the offices – and how to do it.


We know how to work with Head Offices to help them understand the local business culture and the influences prevailing on the local business conditions.


We have helped Head Office groups understand the demands of the local market, and (perhaps) the need to tailor global products and services for Australian customers.


We can help you navigate the politics of the Head Office. We have an excellent record in helping the local office make sense of it all and learn to achieve its objectives within – or in spite of – the corporate political environment.


We have even led (notably successful!) campaigns to market Australian-originated products back into the global corporations, which is quite some achievement given the normally somewhat insular nature of most corporate head office operations. A real-world David and Goliath success story…


How have your dealings with your Head Office gone in the past? Can Business Clarity Executive Coaching help you build on that success?


Call us on (02) 9683-6311 to discuss your situation with a Business Clarity Executive Coach. We can help you take your business to the next level.

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